Electroencephalography is a non-invasive method of monitoring the spontaneous electrical activity of the brain, which consists in analysing the record of changes in electrical potentials collected from the surface of the head. EEG examination facilitates differentiation of functional and organic brain disorders.

EEG is an important diagnostic method in patients with sleep disorders, in a coma, with epilepsy and after a head trauma. EEG may also be performed in patients with encephalitis, diagnosed neoplasms and after a stroke.
The indications for performing an EEG examination is the presence of symptoms of faulty brain function (e.g. tremors), head trauma and a history of neurosurgical procedures.

You should come to the examination with washed hair (the day before or on the day of the examination), not covered with any styling agents, e.g. wax, gel, etc. Before the examination, it is advisable to eat a light meal. Do not drink alcoholic or caffeinated drinks. The patient should be well-rested (except for post-sleep deprivation testing). You should take medications you are taking on a regular basis, including anti-epileptic medications.

The examination takes about 30 minutes. During this time, the patient has closed eyes and follows the staff’s instructions, which are related to the examination. The examined person lies still, does not tense the muscles, does not move or talk during the examination. The examination is painless and harmless to the patient’s health.

Information to be reported to the staff:

Before the test: Concurrent medications, surgeries, head injuries, possible pregnancy, use of a pacemaker, past or currently treated diseases. Please turn off mobile phones.
During the test:
 Any sudden discomfort (e.g. headache, dizziness, numbness in the limbs).
After the test: After the examination, the hair may be slightly damp (there may be residues of the paste used on the hair for the procedure). After the examination, you should wash your hair again at home. In the autumn and winter seasons, please remember to cover your head.

EEG w czuwaniu (standardowe) 100 zł
EEG po deprywacji snu 120 zł

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