In the Endoscopic Laboratory of our hospital, we carry out diagnostics tests and treatment of gastrointestinal tract lesions. Our gastroenterologists, using modern equipment with high-resolution video track, are able to detect even the smallest changes in each section of the colon and stomach.

Scope of care:
• colonoscopy – endoscopic diagnostics of lower gastrointestinal tract disorders (including with sampling for histopathological examination)
• gastroscopy – endoscopic diagnostics of upper gastrointestinal tract disorders (including with the urease test for Helicobacter pylori infection and sampling for histopathological examination)
• removal of stomach and colon polyps – endoscopic polypectomy

For greater comfort of the patients, we perform:
• examinations under general anaesthesia, with the guarantee of post-operative care in the recovery room with constant nursing supervision
• simultaneous diagnostics – colonoscopy and gastroscopy under general anaesthesia
• diagnostic examination with simultaneous surgery, incl. polypectomy procedure – excision of polyps

lek. Artur BEDNAREK specjalista chirurgii ogólnej, proktolog

lek. Marek KOSSOWSKI specjalista chorób wewnętrznych i gastroenterologii

lek. Maciej SZADKOWSKI specjalista chirurgii ogólnej i gastroenterologii

lek. Witold WIKTOR specjalista chirurgii ogólnej, proktolog

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Informacja / rejestracja:
Pon.-czw.: 8:00-16:00 / pt.: 10:00-18:00

Tel. 723 007 999
e-mail: kolonoskopia@klinika-rzeszow.pl