We pursue the ambition of creating the hospital offering the highest level of medical services by providing the physicians with the opportunity of using the latest achievements of modern medicine and medical technology, and the patients with the optimal treatment methods, facilitating quick recovery.

We care about high qualifications and continuous development of our personnel, which is why we invest in training, in particular for physicians and nurses. As a part of our teaching activities, we organise seminars and cyclical orthopaedic conferences for physicians and rehabilitators, including those from other medical centres. Training involves lectures by world-renowned medical experts and enables observation of “live-streamed” surgical procedures transmitted to the conference hall.

Over the thirteen years of the Hospital’s operation, there have been several conferences devoted to innovative methods of treating orthopaedic injuries and innovative pain treatment techniques. This year’s eighteenth edition of the Bieszczady Scientific Conference, was held in March 2020, and focussed on diseases and injuries of the shoulder and elbow.

“The medical personnel of the Orthopaedics Department consists of recognised specialists with long experience in their fields, most of whom have been working here for many years. We focus on continuous training and professional development: we participate in national and international conferences and S2S (surgeon-to-surgeon) trainings. We actively present our experiences and treatment results at meetings with the representatives of the international medical community, scientists, medical and pharmaceutical companies, and in the form of articles in scientific journals. Orthopaedists from France, Portugal and Ukraine visit our Department to improve their techniques of spinal surgery, reconstructive arthroscopy of the shoulder and knee, as well as hip and knee arthroplasty.”

Marek Kulczyk, MD, Head of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Locomotor System